No traffic jams between Rotterdam and Tilburg became reality with the launch of the Barge Terminal Tilburg (BTT). With this step, BTT, part of GVT Group of Logistics, made the haulage of sea containers from the Port of Rotterdam a lot more efficient.

By using transportation by barge, JIT (Just In Time) deliveries are possible, the customer can rely on guaranteed delivery times. Also, transport by barge is much more environmentally friendly than by the traditional road transport. Saving storage costs is another advantage BTT can offer. The Port of Rotterdam is a typical transit port, storage costs are very high. By immediately shipping a container by barge to the terminal in Tilburg a substantial cost reduction can be achieved. Savings on detention and demurrage costs are also part of the advantages of the barge terminal.  BTT has a direct EDI connection with the larger carriers; detention charges are stopped the moment the empty container is received at the barge terminal. In addition to the transportation of containers, BTT offers its customers additional services, such as customs activities, fumigation-gas detection and the stripping and stuffing of containers.